AIRBOUND: Travel essentials

June 24, 2016

The summer season is in full swing. Everyone around you is starting to jet off here, there and everywhere. Our hand luggage is full to the bring with all of our daily essentials! My Lux Boutique HQ has put together our fav travel essential top picks to ensure you have seriously enviable departure lounge style.

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When it comes to jetsetting off on our long awaited summer holidays keeping organised is key! We wouldn't be without or Stow London Leather Sea View Travel Pouch, Phone Charger Case and Leather Jewellery Case. 

The sea view travel pouch is our all time go to accessory! Gone are the days of patting down your pockets in a frenzy of panic trying to locate that passport of yours. The handy clear design makes it convenient and easy to view all of your important travel documentation at once. Keep all of your beloved jewellery tangle and scratch free in the luxury leather jewellery case. We all hate delays and having our phone die mid WhatsApp conversation. The handy phone charger case comes in a neat removable envelope pouch making it versatile and practical for all occasions. Shop the full Stow London range and explore the full range of colours on offer!

No handbag is complete without a statement accessory. Why not pimp your handbag with one of our many fur pom pom keyrings by Birdy and FFWR

Last but by no means least... you need something gorgeous to carry all of your bits and pieces in now don't you? 

Prefer a smaller cross-body bag? Shop the full rang
e of Peonica London heart and star bags for something truly unique, showstopping and on trend.

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