Is it cocktail O'Clock... yet?

January 20, 2016

It's only Wednesday and last weekend feels like a distant memory. Roll on Friday we say, if it ever decides to show up that is! Some of us like to wind down with a glass of wine at the end of the working week, but for those of you (and us) who like cocktails as your after work drinkies... then we suggest trying our top 5!

If you scroll a little deeper we'll share with you one of favourite cocktails bars at the moment.

5. Zombie
It's all in the name! A deadly mix of Bacardi, apricot brandy, light rum and dark rum and all the fruity trimmings. We suggest sticking to just a couple, it's not called a Zombie for no reason.

4. Lycee Martini
Move aside apple martini, lycee is here! Bored of the standard martinis on offer? Us too. We were huge fans on watermelon martinis back in the summer, but it's just not quite cutting it in the cold winter months. 

3. Bellini
Keeping it classy? Then it better be a Bellini. The refreshing mix of peach juice and champagne is one of our favourite easy to drink cocktails. Perfect for both mid week dinners and after work drinks. 

2. Margarita
An old classic for all you tequila lovers. Personally, the smell of tequila reminds us of one too many bad nights out and headaches the next morning but the thought of having a Margarita is something we just can't seem to resit.

1. Pornstar Martini
At number one, it has to be our all time favourite. A juicy passion fruit martini with a shot of prosecco on the side. Could things get any better? 

We promised to let you in on one of our current cocktail bars we just can't stop obsessing over... Coolah Callay. The decor is fabulous yet a little bonkers. Led through a Narnia door to our table, what more could we ask for? We have to say the coolest thing about this place is being able to compile your very own sticker book. With every cocktail you receive a sticker of your drink, cool huh?

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